Hop growers near me

We are genuine people you’d like to have a beer with.

We will deliver on our promises.

We are possessed with a pioneers revolutionary spirit…this makes us bold, committed, passionate and very willing to shoot for the stars.

Hop growers near me


We will leave more wood in the woodshed than how we found it.

We look after people and are caretakers of our gardens, our people and communities. We will tread lightly and respect and build up all those in our care.

Hop growers near me

Consistently Supply Premium Quality.

We are innovative and can supply the best of New Zealand’s range of unique and distinctive hop varietals.

Our scale and growth ambitions will provide security of supply and a wide range of flavours from new and existing terroir and regions of New Zealand. We are experimental and are driven to find new flavours for our brewers. We adopt best practice quality and traceability systems. We supply directly to Brewers around the world.

We are flexible. We are trustworthy partners. Our model is to partner with leading palletisation and cold storage facilities in-market to utilise the best facilities available and to provide fast and reliable delivery timeframes to our Brewers.

Hop growers near me


We believe in partnerships and strong relationships.

We are only here because of our brewer customers and believe in providing the best quality hops and the highest level of service we possibly can.

We love to partner and collaborate with brewers, nurseries, plant scientists, mills and other service providers.

If you want to partner with us, we would love to hear from you.