New Zealand Hop Gardens

We're here for your beer.

It was a blend of passion, energy, and a bit of a rebellious streak that created Hop Revolution. Today, it is one of New Zealand’s largest independent hop growers.

We are passionate about working closely with brewers to understand the aromas and flavors that you are searching for. To grow and pick the hop varieties to match those profiles —to put brewers in the driver’s seat.

Brewers can access the full spectrum of aromas and flavours from our hops by choosing from harvest lots across our two farms. A harvest lot can be as small as one day's harvest and we take pride in offering the same choice to small and large brewers.

Pelletised hops.

Our New Zealand hops are grown, dried and baled onsite before being transported in cold storage in a bale form into market where they are pelletised and distributed directly to Brewers.

New Zealand Hop Gardens

New Zealand hop farms.

The soils and climate of the upper South Island of New Zealand produce distinctive aromatic hops. It is here in the clean, green hinterland of Nelson and Tasman that we devote our days to breed, grow and process Hop Revolution's superior quality New Zealand hops.