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Pelletised hops.

Our hops are grown, dried and baled onsite before being transported in cold storage in a bale form into market where they are pelletised and distributed directly to Brewers.

Whole bales are decompressed using a bale-breaker. The hammer mill grinds whole leaf hops into powder that retains all of the natural vegetative and lupulin ingredients.

A superior alternative to other hop forms, pellets have wide commercial acceptance. Pellets are made by pulverising the hop to a powder then extruding the powder through the die of the press designed to keep the product as cool as possible at all times, even before the final cooling process, the fresh hop flavour and aromatics are retained. Finally back flushed with inert gas and vacuum packed, Hop Revolution pellets are ideal for brewers around the world.

Hops for sale

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If you are an inspired brewer looking for unique New Zealand varietals that have vibrant & expressive flavours, join our revolution.

Hops for sale