Varietal: 85-6-23
New Zealand Hops Limited

Riwaka hops aka. The “rockstar”

Riwaka™ a rockstar reputation for powerful citrus flavours, especially grapefruit.

Riwaka hops have been hard to source internationally, as we Kiwis love it so much . However, as we’re good sorts we’ve planted loads of Riwaka hops to share with the world.

Try Riwaka hops in new world Pale Ales, Pilsners, and any beer where you want a bold fruity hop to shine.

Grapefruit, Kumquat

2023 Specs

ALPHA: 7.42 - 7.89%
BETA: 4.75 - 5.12%
OIL (mL/100g): 0.74 - 1.02

Riwaka hops
Riwaka hops