New Zealand Hop Growing

Hop growing with the world's best.

Hop Revolution is committed to high-health hop growing, developing new and exciting varietals and trialling growing techniques to produce the unique flavours our brewers are seeking.

New Zealand Hop Growing

In-house hop growing science.

Our goal is to produce the finest flavoured hops nature intended - hops bursting with the unique flavour our New Zealand terroir provides.

We partner with others, have our own in-house science program, and nursery to ensure the best hop growing is taking place on our gardens.

We have installed two brand new Wolf 1000 Pickers and Wolf Kilns to ensure our hops are dried and conditioned to the highest quality for hop growing.

New Zealand Hop Growing

Fast delivery.

Our hops are grown, dried and baled onsite before being transported in cold storage in a bale form to the USA. From there, they are pelletised and distributed directly to Brewers in USA and Canada.

Our model is to partner with leading pelletisation and cold storage facilities in-market, to utilise the best facilities available and to provide fast and reliable delivery timeframes to our brewers.