Hops for sale

Wanted. Brewers as fanatical about flavour as we are.

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If you’re looking for a close, long-term partnership with growers who are as fanatical about flavour and crazy about quality as you are, join the revolution.

If you want to collaborate with a kiwi company that’s as passionate about purity, serious about supply and as inspired by innovation as you are, join the revolution!

Our only purpose, our whole reason for being, is to help you to go somewhere different, somewhere exciting and somewhere as natural as New Zealand with your very next beer.

Hops for sale.

Now open: Spot Orders and Contracting for Crop Year 2022 and later.

We sell standard T-90 pellets in 5kg foil packs with 4 packs per 20kg carton (25 cartons for 500kg/1100lb). You can purchase hops or express contracting interest by completing the form below.